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Stalking Death

And Other Ill-Advised Dating Techniques

As the Grim's new involuntary Lackey, some of the rules are easy:

  • Avoid inter-office conflicts — Mind my Own Death’s Business.
  • Shelve your souls before exiting the locker room.
  • No Death Suits in the hot tub.

But other do's-and-don’ts I just can’t handle:

  • Never getting a love of my life.
  • Having to give up the love of my death.
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Legions of the Claimed

A hidden society dwelling in Modern-day Chicago. Back streets or River North.

Dive bars or hotel chic. Royalty or motorcycle mechanic.

Waitress or drug dealer. Wrong-place-wrong-time or bad choice.

It doesn't matter.

You wrong the Legion, you belong to the Legion. No questions asked. Once their antigen is in your blood, there is no escape. Your Designation is your life. And your life is no longer your own.

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Silvers Dystopia

  • Four People.
  • Four cities.
  • Four ends to the world.

All linked by one problem.

But how can they stop all-out implosion when the trigger and the kill-switch are the same —
a monstrosity everyone calls the Silvers?

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